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Hardware is Hard

The month of May marks every year a very cool/artsy/geeky event to attend in the Bay Area in Nor Cal: Maker Faire Bay Area. Similar events take place around the country spring-through-fall. Robots, home-made machines, metallic kick-nacks, inventions, wearables and … Continue reading

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2013: 11th of 13 Things I Want to Know: Could Superman Help Felix Baumgartner?

An Austrian skydiver broke the speed of sound in a jump from the ‘edge of space’ at 128,000 feet (~40km or ~24mi), as part of a Red Bull promotion, on Oct 14th, 2012, the 65th anniversary to Chuck Yeager’s record … Continue reading

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2013: 9th of 13 Things I Want to Know: Have You Considered the Hyperloop and the Fear Factor?

Much hype about the Hyperloop, the radical proposal for extreme high-speed transit from LA to SF in around 35 minutes, using passenger pods in a low pressure air-cushioned tube.  [Here’s a summary article]. Some of the reactions have a negative … Continue reading

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2013: 4th of 13 Things I Want to Know: What is The Blackest Black in The Dark?

1905. A youngster named Albert comes up with ideas about the nature of light that change our grasp of the universe forever;  Ideas such as speed limited, distances stretching, and a four dimensional world, where the 4th dimension is time; … Continue reading

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