Open Response to: “How Technology Is Like Bug Sex”


Open response to this article: “How Technology Is Like Bug Sex”

Dear Nir,

“An insect infestation of scampering masses.”  What a harsh visual. Not just visual, I’m now itching all over. Is that really what we compare with?

Consider that the constant craving for this supernormal stimuli ‘novelty’ is what drives us as a species to accomplish everything we do. It drives us to push everything to the limit, only to discover new boundaries that need pushing. Without it, the pyramids and the Eiffel tower would have never been built; The greatest works of art would have never been commissioned; The light bulb, TV, radio, ‘horseless carriage’, and recording of sound and later video would have never been invented; The Wright brothers would never have thought they could get passengers to pay to fly, they would have never envisioned that flying could become a successful business. They would never have reached that ground-breaking milestone of the first powered, controlled, manned flight on that gloomy day on the beach at Kitty Hawk, Dec 17th 1903.

Consider the sense of community that stems from the novelty of social media. Doesn’t it give you the warm and fuzzy, to see that you have almost 6K followers on Twitter? That’s a virtual infestation, not a physical one, but an infestation nonetheless.  Bugs are disgusting to most of us, do your Twitter followers disgust you? I think not. You want them, you need them, having them is a novelty that you might be getting used to, but you still want and need.

Where you look from above and see an insect infestation, I see something more: excitement of thinking beings at gadgets to marvel upon, appreciation, admiration, gratitude. I’ve heard in the last few years this said multiple times: “I’m so in love with my smartphone!” I feel the same, and it’s not just novelty, the feeling is here to stay. This particular novelty changes lives, I know it contributed to changing mine. From spending most of my time inside my own head, I’m now always connected, and it’s something that was missing before, because I don’t spend much recreational time with a desktop. I also see the pride of those who envisioned and created these gadgets, and dreamed of awesome profits. If what they are doing is harmful to the environment, we should place responsibility with them to take care of it, and find solutions for recycling, as we already do. That doesn’t mean putting breaks on pushing the limits.

Technology development should keep forging ahead. Maybe we are just experiencing a bit of a ‘Future Shock’. Let’s hope it will pass.

CES 2013

Crowds marvel at gadgets, Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Las Vegas

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