About the Site

This site is intended to be thought provoking, and entertaining.  Some think it should be more focused. I don’t think so. You will find here whatever the heck interests me. Unfortunately this usually doesn’t include food, wine, and cute kittens. For those go someplace else.

What does it include?  Innovation in science, tech and AI, and space exploration, with a flair of science fiction.  Social media reactions and comments are on latest tech and space news [and sometimes news about the Hobbit.  Sorry, can’t resist!].

Why Science?

Because it holds the key and the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Obviously, the other answer is 42.

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago msichicago.org

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Why Tech and AI?

Because of the fascination in pushing it to the limit; which undoubtedly doesn’t exist.

I Robot

I Robot

Why Space?

Because we are stardust and to the stars we shall return…

Black Hole

Why Sci Fi?

There is no doubt that science fiction has helped shape the future in the past.

Many of the best known and admired science-fiction writers were or still are legitimate and even outstanding scientists, holding advanced degrees in physics, astronomy, math, computer science, or similar fields.  Many are professors, teachers,  researchers.  From their vast scientific knowledge they were able to speculate what the future will be like.  Or what the future could be like.

These visionaries could see what’s possible and inspire generations to come.

  • Jule Verne, who is recognized as having established the genre, has inspired the Apollo Moon missions and submarines starting in the 1860’s
  • Asimov has inspired advanced robotics and artificial intelligence starting in the 1940’s, when a computer such as would be required as the ‘brain’ of one robot, still occupied acres of real-estate
  • Arthur C. Clark has inspired Satellites and their usage for communications, broadcast, and GPS, in the 1950’s
  • Carl Sagan has inspired and promoted the search for alien life in the 1970’s-80’s
  • Star Trek writers have inspired flip cell phones and non-intrusive diagnostic medical devices.  They also inspired research into ‘beaming up’ people, but there’s still a way to go for that one…
  • Back-to-the-Future has inspired bio fuel
  • Alien – cryogenic research
  • SciFi has inspired human-computer interfaces for artificial body parts;  and the list goes on.

There are many sites dedicated to science fiction.  A great many others are dedicated to science and technology.   And others still focus on space exploration.  These fields are all tied together.  And through the ages there is one common thread: the human experience.  As we go back in time, the humans become more and more alien to us, and we try to understand them through archeology.  As we go forward in time, future humans will be alien to us even more, and we can only hope to understand them through this inspiration, and affect their fate for the better.  If they are still around in 500 million years when the Sun brightens and renders Earth inhabitable, let’s hope by then we have given them tools to deal with it…

There is no doubt that science fiction has helped shape the future in the past.  I’d like to see it help shape the future in the future.


P.S. Have I mentioned the Hobbit? Here we go. There and back again.

The Hobbit hdwallpapers.in

The Hobbit




3 Responses to About the Site

  1. Your thoughts are most entertaining. No, entertaining is the wrong word. “Meesleurend” or “mitreissend” comes closer, but I do not know what a suitable English equivalent would be.


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