Les Femmes Kidmat Eden

This site was not supposed to be about women, but women are getting a ‘corner’ in it nonetheless. Why? Because we are not at a ratio of 50:50 in the important fields of STEM and aerospace.  Be it because of choices girls tend to make, or the way everyone else chooses to see them – it doesn’t matter.  Here we are, at an unhealthy imbalance, as explained in the post “On Starships and Nail Polish“.

Let’s explore together how we can affect change.  Let’s inspire girls with our choices, and hear what the inspired ones have to say.

Following are some that catch my attention every once in a while, women that inspire.

  • Dec. 2016: Abigail Harrison

http://astronautabby.com/    and Astronaut Abby on Tedx Talks

  • Nov. 2016:  Emma Watson


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