2013: 10th of 13 Things I Want to Know: What Credit Score Do I Need For a Home Loan on Mars?

Source: Mars One

Source: Mars One

Discovery news posted this short news bit earlier this year, summarizing that colonizing beyond our planet is a doable feat. This is based on expectations from private ventures, to be able to run operations much leaner than NASA, mainly relying on reusable rockets.  A vision of an 80,000 humans colony was shared as well.

A home loan company put together the enlightening and entertaining infographic below, showing via a graphical calculation that a not-so-bad scenario means a cost of $48 Billion to move to, and live on Mars.

If indeed it will cost almost $50 Billion for one adult to move to Mars, what credit score do I need to get a home loan? How long would it take me to pay it off, assuming a good salary working on Mars should cover it?
Here’s the very informative graphic (click on it to zoom):


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1 Response to 2013: 10th of 13 Things I Want to Know: What Credit Score Do I Need For a Home Loan on Mars?

  1. Mordechay Ambar says:

    Hi Idit

    I had a thought, what could u do with about 2000 Billion$that went on the wars in Irak and Afganistan? and with the rediculoas amount for the Wallstreet bailout? U could build a city on Mars…

    It’s all about preference.

    Happie Yom Kipur Mordechay (Ronit)

    On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Kidmat Eden


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