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This is a time machine (ok, it’s not real, small detail): And this is the house where Steve Jobs grew up: What do they have to do with each other? The town of Los Altos in Silicon Valley, northern California, … Continue reading

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I Dream Of 3-D Printing

“Tea, Earl Grey, hot!” These famous words identify Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the fictional star-ship Enterprise. As he speaks these words to a ‘replicator’ installed on a wall in his room, a steaming-hot glass cup of tea appears to his satisfaction. These words have … Continue reading

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Hardware is Hard

The month of May marks every year a very cool/artsy/geeky event to attend in the Bay Area in Nor Cal: Maker Faire Bay Area. Similar events take place around the country spring-through-fall. Robots, home-made machines, metallic kick-nacks, inventions, wearables and … Continue reading

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Apple CarPlay: Just the Tip of the Car-Apps Iceberg

Some call it: In-Vehicle Experience of the Future. I call it Helga. Say ‘Hello’ to Helga, my car’s AI. Helga: “Good morning, girl! Are we going to work? I’m 96% charged so I’m good to go. I sense you got … Continue reading

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2013: 9th of 13 Things I Want to Know: Have You Considered the Hyperloop and the Fear Factor?

Much hype about the Hyperloop, the radical proposal for extreme high-speed transit from LA to SF in around 35 minutes, using passenger pods in a low pressure air-cushioned tube.  [Here’s a summary article]. Some of the reactions have a negative … Continue reading

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Open Response to: “How Technology Is Like Bug Sex”

Open response to this article: “How Technology Is Like Bug Sex” Dear Nir, “An insect infestation of scampering masses.”  What a harsh visual. Not just visual, I’m now itching all over. Is that really what we compare with? Consider that the … Continue reading

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1+1=10. Why Should High School Grads Know What That Means?

I showed the ‘About the Author’ page of this blog to high-school grads. They thought the equation 1+1=10 is a typo. If you also think it’s a typo, be advised it isn’t. And not knowing this is not your fault. … Continue reading

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